About the program

India is home to 356 million youth, the world’s largest youth population. They are critical stakeholders in efforts to end violence against women and girls (VAWG). As current and future leaders, youth are the driving force for change, which can use their knowledge, power and passion to challenge negative attitudes, gender stereotypes and behaviour that set in early and lead to VAWG.

Kadam Badhate Chalo (KBC) is a youth-led programme to end VAWG, which works in 27 locations in 14 states in India. It calls on young boys and girls to identify issues of VAWG in their communities and to collectively find solutions to them. In doing so, these young boys and girls turn into leaders, who influence their homes, communities, government, police, judiciary and other institutions to join them to bring about a change...

KBC emphasizes upon an equal partnership between young boys and girls. It provides them with a level-playing field and builds their capacities, so that they work together to end VAWG.

What we do

Collectivize Youth: We collaborate with schools, colleges, universities and communities to collectivize young boys and girls. They are given a platform to critically reflect on their role in social transformation and to identify issues of VAWG that concern them.

Build Youth Leadership: Activities like sports, cultural events and participatory training undertaken to build leadership skills in the youth, who will then take charge of design, strategy and implementation of KBC.

Participatory Safety Audits (PSAs): Youth leaders are capacitated to conduct PSAs of their communities, schools, colleges and public spaces to analyze how safe they are for women and girls.

Institutional Engagement: Youth leaders share their PSA findings with relevant institutions like schools/colleges, panchayats, police or ward/block administration to mobilize their support for KBC.

Youth-led Campaigning: Youth leaders are supported to undertake intensive campaigning in their communities to mobilize the support of their families, neighbours and community leaders to end VAWG.