“Men have greater power of decision-making (than women). “ Thus spoke Aristotle in 350 BC, and All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) yesterday. In its submission to the Supreme Court of India, the Board further stated that “men are able to control their emotions and not take hasty decisions (like women do)”. These arguments were presented to justify Triple Talaq system to divorce wives and polygamy to keep four wives. The men of the Board argued that both these systems are meant for the benefit of women so that their husbands do not go to prostitutes and kill their wives.

Aristotle wrote extensively on women’s nature…women are…”  more  impulsive and more prone to despondency..” etc. In his analysis, females were ‘deformed males’, incomplete, subjected to obeying men for their own betterment. The arguments given By AIMPLB 2500 years later seem to build on the same worldview. So, keeping four wives is good for all four women, just as announcing Talaq thrice (even through sms or whatsapp) is good for the wife as she is divorced in a jiffy. No hassles!

Just recently, the Mumbai High Court  passed a judgment to allow women to enter the Haji Ali shrine. The arguments against women’s entry there, and in temples in several southern states of the country, have similar stink—that women are impure, incapable, inferior!

The evidence around us—in family, schools/colleges, companies, government—everywhere is overwhelmingly contrary to such stinking arguments. Time to shed them, clean our minds and refresh has just passed by.

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