Happy Birthday Martha


Martha was a friend’s friend. The life of every party and the happiest person I knew.  There was never a dull moment when working with Martha, she kept us motivated with her tireless energy and energised with the impromptu parties we had. There was always an excuse for some good food. Even the weather was a collaborator. When it looked like rain, pakodas would be ordered from the pakoda seller at Govindpuri bus stand and the chai would of course be adrak (ginger) chai and made in a particular way so that the strong taste of ginger and the sweet hot liquid of the tea complimented the spicy chutney that went with the pakodas. It had to be perfect.

Martha was full of life and loved a good prank. One hot day when the entire office was hauled out for what we expected was a fire drill, was in fact an invitation for an ice cream party. Imagine our surprise to find an ice cream trolley standing in the front porch of the office and ice creams of choice for all.

Birthdays were always a big deal for us and I think, the colleagues from other departments secretly envied our parties. Good food, of course, was a priority, with the menu ranging from Thai curry to street food from old Delhi and there was always a thoughtful birthday gift that we all shamelessly looked forward to.

Martha loved life and lived it with happy abandon, engulfing everyone into her world with her warmth and her love for life. Everyone was welcome in her world and those who were in it were sure to have the time of their life.

What I miss most about Martha today is her laugh and the naughty gleam in her eyes when she pulled those pranks.

I know wherever you are there will be a big loud party ongoing. We will do the same here with hot crisp jalebis and soft Khandvis from your favourite Haldirams.

Happy Birthday Martha!

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