Remembering Martha


‘We want world peace’ is no more a cliche reserved for beauty pageant contestants. We really do want world peace. His holiness the Dalai Lama said to me (when I met him in Dharamshala) – Humans are compassionate by nature. All humans are born compassionate he said. I am but human too and I am unable to see the compassion in the rape of a 6 month old child, I am unable to see the compassion when innocent people are shot dead while enjoying their meal with friends and colleagues, I was unable to see compassion when I lost a very dear friend to a senseless act of terror in Kabul in May 2015.  

I miss my friend. I miss her laugh, the naughty twinkle of her eyes when she pulled a prank, I miss listening to the pride in her voice when she spoke about her children, but more than anything I miss working with her. Her passion and strong sense of justice of what should be the best and fair way to do things that sometimes left some in a tizzy.

How right you were when you questioned – ladkiyan jeans kyun nahin pehen sakti hain (why cant girls wear jeans), ladkiyan kyun bahar nahin ja sakti hain (why cant girls go out at night) … sawal uthae (ask questions). There will be no peace you said until we can all ask questions. How proud would you be today if you knew that more than 15000 boys and girls are asking #AisaKyun – #TellMeWhy through a programme that you envisioned. There will be peace you said when girls are fearless.  

She was fearless, my friend. She never thought twice before agreeing to teach gender to a group of Afghan men in Kabul. You wrote to me the night before … I am having the time of my life, talking gender with Afghan men.
I celebrate you today on the International day of peace with the words to the song we enjoyed listening to …. I am woman .. hear me roar .. I know too much to go back and  pretend ..  ’cause I’ve heard it all before .. You can bend but never break me .. Cause it only serves to make me More determined to achieve my final goal .. And I come back even stronger.

World peace to all.

Martha Creative

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