Smell the coffee


Sexual harassment is a non-issue. It’s passé, so overrated and really, come on, we just don’t get why women make such a big deal out of it. It’s not as if women are being physically assaulted in workplaces by their male colleagues! Maybe not, but smell the coffee ☕️ ….

Brushing your tie on a woman’s workspace can be construed as sexual harassment. Why? It’s an encroachment of space and a physical form of sexual harassment if it is unwelcome.

Get real! Now I have to hold on to my tie?

Only ties? Phew! We don’t wear ties where we work. It’s not for us. In our workplace the culture is very different — we work for the welfare and larger good of people. We talk of women’s empowerment. It’s not for us. Good deduction, but smell the coffee ☕️ ….

More than 99% of senior management in development organisations have admitted that sexual harassment exists in their workplace.

Workplace? Come on this is my life. We are a family here. This is not a workplace, it’s a home!

Smell the coffee ☕️ …. A workplace is not a home. And the people working with you? They are your colleagues. (Oh my god! Are they only colleagues???)

A little bird just told me: be careful if anyone asks you out for coffee. Being asked for a cup of coffee could be an invitation for something else – Come On Friend For the Entire Evening!

What? Now I can’t even ask a woman out for coffee? This is the end of workplace romance. What if I really like her? Can’t I ask her for a cup of coffee? Sure you can. But, smell the coffee ☕️ …

Double meaning words with a sexual intent will be construed as sexual harassment.

Whether strong or weak, cold or hot. Would you like it with milk? Some sugar perhaps? The smell of coffee intoxicates and a sip of it anytime of the day wakes you up!

So take a good whiff of the heavenly brew in your mug… take a large swig of it and tell me if you think you are doing something that you feel you should not: after you have smelt the coffee ☕️

Make workplaces safe for all women.

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