The Martha Farrell Foundation supports two programs which challenge prevailing attitudes and behaviour resulting in gender inequality, sexual harassment of women in the workplace and violence against women and girls.


Kadam Badhate Chalo (KBC) empowers young boys and girls to question, take leadership and act - in their personal behaviour, families, communities and institutions - to prevent violence against women and girls. Young boys like Mohit, from Panipat district, Haryana, once complicit in commenting on women and harassing girls with his friends, after joining KBC he now uses the content of his rap music to raise awareness on sexual violence and safety of women. And young girls like Kavita, from Baba Ramdev Basti in Jaipur, who now believes that "even if one girl is free from fear, then all girls feel confident."


Making Workplaces Safe (MWS) implements solutions to end sexual harassment of women at the workplace, to create safe and dignified workplaces for women. The Foundation conducts open forum discussions, orientation workshops, training sessions and online learning modules. Through these, employees, organisational leaders, complaints committee members and students are sensitized and made aware about the meaning and forms of sexual harassment, available legal mechanisms and the procedure for filing complaints and seeking redressal.

We welcome your support to either or both programs. Minimum contribution of Rs 250 per program

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