Can you help me with some pointers on what to include in my application write up?

Discuss your field work placements’ focus area and experience.What are your reasons for applying for this scholarship? How does your current thematic focus align with the research topic for which the scholarship is awarded? Throw some light on your career goals.

How many scholarships are given?

Two scholarships are given annually, one each to a female and a male full time student of MA Social Work, preferably final year.

What is the scholarship amount?

An amount of Rs. 25,000/- per scholarship is given in two instalments.

What is the duration of this scholarship?

8 to 12 weeks for summer block placement during May-July or on a mutually convenient time in consultation with the placement agencies concerned. The broad time line would be as follows: • One week orientation in PRIA before block field work • Block field work (approximately three months) • One week in PRIA for finalization and submission of report

What is meant by sexual harassment?

Broadly speaking, sexual harassment is any sexually determined behavior which is unwelcome by the recipient. It could be verbal, non-verbal, visual or physical.