To sustain Martha Farrell ideals, values and principles, by progressing her pioneering work on women empowerment, gender equality and adult education, with long-term commitment and excellence.


The Martha Farrell Foundation supports practical interventions which are committed to achieving a gender-just society and promoting life-long learning. These interventions include:

Youth-led campaigns engaging youth in gender issues

Training and development programs to facilitate understanding of gender mainstreaming in organizations and communities and raise awareness on the issue of sexual harassment

Scholarships and fellowships to develop new knowledge and the professional practice of promoting gender equality, leadership of women and prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace

About Us

The Martha Farrell Foundation (MFF) has been set up to carry forward Martha’s spirit and legacy by advancing her pioneering work on gender mainstreaming and adult education, with the overall goal of achieving gender equality in India and around the world.

Martha was highly pragmatic in her approach, and believed that for gender equality to be achieved, it must be observed and practiced by everyone in their daily life, starting among family, friends and at the workplace. It was her conviction that the attitude and behaviour of men and boys must change if gender equality is to be secured over the long-term. She believed that learning is empowering, and that creating spaces for this learning to occur is an important mechanism for gender mainstreaming. In the same spirit, the Foundation supports targeted and practical interventions in areas relevant to Martha’s work. This includes gender mainstreaming, gender equality, preventing sexual harassment and violence against women, and continuing education.

The Foundation’s support will be global, located in spaces and communities which do not otherwise have access, and carried out with the same passion, excellence and long-term commitment that Martha applied in all aspects of her life.