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Kadam Badhate Chalo is a unique collaboration between youth and the community for taking collective action on ending violence against women and girls (VAWG) in their communities. India is home to 356 million youth and they are critical stakeholders in efforts to end violence against women and girls. As future leaders, the youth can use their knowledge, power and passion to challenge negative attitudes, gender stereotypes and behaviour that lead to VAWG.

The program calls upon the youth to identify and address the issues of VAWG in the community and provides them with tools and skills to be effective in leading this change. It thrives on a partnership model which involves the inclusion of these young people working in close proximity with the members of community groups including all individuals directly linked to the everyday lives of young girls including parents, teaching and non-teaching staff of educational institutes, persons who are related to delivery of services (public transport, shopkeepers etc.), local elected leaders, citizen leaders and other members of the community. The youth then become of influence in their homes, communities, and other institutions and work with the government, police, and other institutions to bring about a change.

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