Events - Kadam Badhate Chalo - क्या होता है जब माहवारी होती है?

क्या होता है जब माहवारी होती है?

Date: 28/05/2019  To 28/05/2019

Venue: PRIA

This year, Martha Farrell Foundation, celebrated the Menstrual Hygiene Day by creating awareness about menstrual hygiene management amongst the MFF and PRIA staff.

In an in house session, the gender team organized a fun-cum-educational game for the staff to increase their awareness on menstrual hygiene and also to check how menstruation ready they are. The game name was- क्या होता है जब माहवारी होती है? (What happens in menstruation?).

The session gave them opportunity to learn about menstruation through fun game. Not only did it act as a refresher on various issues related to menstruation, it also provided men and women a platform to clear their doubts and learn to differentiate between facts and myth.
It also gave them opportunity to learn further about menstruation and the taboos associated with it. It saw full participation of male and female staff members including the support staff and housekeeping.

The session provided scope for open conversation on menstruation. It has also helped them to smash taboos, remove shame, and create supporting environment for their female colleagues.