Events - Kadam Badhate Chalo - Antargoonj: Voices of Change - Day 2

Antargoonj: Voices of Change - Day 2

Date: 23/04/2018  To 23/04/2018

Venue: PRIA HO, New Delhi

“I dream of a world where there are no differences between boys and girls. I want to bring change in my village and my community. I want the world to hear my views” – Akash Chockrobarty, 17 years, Siliguri, West Bengal. Akash was being interviewed by Sarita, 17 years, Sonipat, Haryana.

Both Akash and Sarita are part of the national youth workshop of KBC leaders were practising ways of conducting interviewing during today’s session at Antargoonj: Voices of Change

KBC youth leaders are paving new pathways for themselves in their communities, fearlessly challenging archaic attitudes and behaviours that continues to create power imbalances between girls and boys.

Today’s session on Journalism for Courage, facilitated by Nadia Shafi, a video volunteer and a finalist in the Martha Farrell Award for Excellence in Women’s Empowerment helped them realise ways of effective communication through mobile based journalism.