Events - Kadam Badhate Chalo - Beyond Collection: Lived Experiences Add To The Need Assessment Survey

Beyond Collection: Lived Experiences Add To The Need Assessment Survey

Date: 11/02/2021  To 11/02/2021


The ongoing Needs Assessment Survey being conducted by informal women domestic workers in Harijan Basti is beyond collecting quantative data. It is more about sharing stories and experiences.

The survey has been great medium of interaction in the Basti, and has helped mobilise the community towards establishing their very own Resource and Support Centre.

Harijan Basti is dynamic in terms of culture, and it's visible in terms of food, language, and clothing styles. People who live here have migrated from Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, and Nepal. Tensions between the Bengali and Bihari residents are also evident.

The most astonishing and powerful thing that came out during our interaction with the women of the community is this: 

Most of the women are living alone in the Basti. Their families are back in the hometowns. Women earn and send money to their families—many of them are sustaining families of 6-7 members through their incomes. A considerable part is spent on their children's education, particularly when sending them to English-medium schools.

The inspiring lives of the informal migrant women workers has made the Needs Assessment process a very interesting medium of data collection. The women we spoke to expressed various aspirations for the future. Each of them really look forward for participating in establishing the women-led Resource and Support Centre.

When it comes to standing for their rights and raising their voices in solidarity, then regionalism takes a back seat and they all come together and connect for a common cause. This was particularly prominent in the conversations we sparked with them on violence and safety.