Events - Kadam Badhate Chalo - Session on Gender based discrimination at GGSSS

Session on Gender based discrimination at GGSSS

Date: 28/11/2019

Venue: GGSSS, Delhi

“Why parents keep reminding their daughters that they are guest for few days and going to leave after marriage rather than creating a happy environment for her and letting her enjoy whatever time she has before marriage with her parents.”

Gender based discrimination is one of the most prominent issue which is faced by our society. It creates a barrier between males and females and how they perceive each other. While boys are given the liberty to play, speak and roam around at any hour of the day, girls are still made to stay at home in the name of safety.

In order to address this issue Martha Farrell Foundation conducted a session on Gender based discrimination with the girls of Government Girls Senior Secondary School. All the participants actively participated in the session and shared their own experiences with the help of stories.

Each story revolved around:

Equal rights and freedom to play

Marry whenever they want

Study in a good school

Treated equally with their brothers and cousins

Allowed to make friends and go on school picnics

These small details in each story speak volumes. They tell about the details that each one of these students notice in their day to day life and wishes to change for a better tomorrow. It is still a long way ahead but these small realizations in sessions become a starting point to change.