No More Boundaries

#NoMoreBoundaries is a holistic programme among the youth of Haryana to generate awareness, build capacities and facilitate the participation of girls in technical training, fostering new ways of thinking and behaviour towards achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It focuses on creating awareness on violence against women, and adolescent health and menstrual health among boys and girls, supporting them to take action and involve their families and communities in improving safety for women and girls in public spaces, thereby increasing the enrollment and retention of young girls in education, especially technical skill-building.

The project adopts a multi-stakeholder approach, through interventions and workshops in schools and Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs), with families, among women’s self-help groups and governance institutions such as panchayats and district administration. The project is supported by ABInBev, a global brewer and one of the world’s leading consumer products companies, which strives to create a “Better World where communities live productive and healthy lives, in cleaner, more sustainable environments. In India, ABInBev is keen to drive meaningful positive change and has partnered with PRIA to create a Better World for communities living around its brewery located in Sonepat.

Project goals
• Over one year, the project will create 1000 adolescent youth leaders both boys and girls who are not just market ready and availing diversified career choices in technical fields but also sensitive, conscious young citizens aware and ready to take a stand on issues of violence faced by women and girls in public spaces. 
• Creation of safe and enabling spaces for young women in 10 government secondary schools and ITIs. 
• Enroll 50 girls in technical training courses at the ITI.

Project activities

1. Participatory Learning Programme in Schools and ITIs
2. Youth-led Mentor-Mentee programme
3. Enhancing Livelihood and Career Choices for Girls
4. Community outreach programme
5. Youth-led Campaign to Prevent Violent Against Women in Public Places

The training programmes in schools and ITIs will support students to lead change action in their own communities and families. There will be a special focus on supporting the economic development of the student’s families through a robust livelihood programme driven by the mothers and involving buying and selling of spent malt from the brewery. Girls and boys will learn to challenge gender stereotypes in choice of careers and professions for girls, through a peer-led mentor-mentee program that enables girls to pursue technical courses in ITIs.

In the first three months of the project, training programmes have been held in 10 schools and 5 ITIs, reaching 1955 students (1122 boys and 843 girls).

Project location
10 villages near Sonipat, Haryana (Kami, Rajpur, Bhigan, Murthal, Bhogipur, Rajlugarhi, Shehzadpur, Mahara, Rehmana and Sandal Nivadya)   

Project duration
1st September 2018 to 31st October 2019