Events - Kadam Badhate Chalo - Deconstructing gender roles and stereotypes

Deconstructing gender roles and stereotypes

Date: 27/12/2019  To 27/12/2019

Venue: Kakrola, (Dwarka) New Delhi

To deepen the understanding of gender roles and stereotypes, MFF conducted a session on gender stereotypes with 90 girls of Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Kakrola (Dwarka). The students were provided with few gender-specific statements and were left to decide whether they agree or disagree with them. After every statement, a debriefing was done on the basis of responses as given by the students. Mostly it was left to the students to establish why they agreed or disagreed with a particular statement?

There was one statement which said “लड़के कभी नहीं रोते”| 81 students (90 %) disagree with this, remarking that boys are emotional too. While 9 students (10%) agreed to it.

In the earlier sessions conducted by MFF in schools, the students evidently had preconceived notions regarding gender and its roles. Initially, when asked “do boys also cry?” in one of the sessions, they said no, believing that boys are less emotional and dislike crying. Therefore, a clear change was noticed in the students’ perception by the end of the session, regarding gender roles and stereotypes.

Eventually, the gender stereotype session served as a reflective session for MFF in which the impact of various sessions on a student's viewpoint, and the thought process was analyzed. Sessions have been successful in serving their purpose in large numbers. The students are coming, expressing, talking and agreeing with each other on many issues. They started seeing the session hour as a safe space where they share their thoughts and clear their doubts.