Events - Kadam Badhate Chalo - Through my lens: A picture perception test for the students

Through my lens: A picture perception test for the students

Date: 18/12/2019  To 18/12/2019

Venue: Kakrola, (Dwarka) New Delhi

A picture perception test was conducted at the Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Kakrola (Dwarka, New Delhi) for close to 90 adolescent girls. During this session, the participants were shown some pictures and given 5 minutes to interpret it on the basis of their perception. The objective of the  session was to promote optimism and enable a positive mindset towards different situations.

Enabling a positive mind set has a direct relationship with positive aspects of human behavior and functioning. Optimism has been associated with many mental and physical health conditions, and multiple dimensions of personality. It is related to lower depression levels, less academic stress, enhancement of coping mechanism and higher health-related quality of life. A good degree of optimism has a positive impact on happiness, self-esteem and satisfaction of an individual. So, it is very important for children or adolescents (as most of the cognitive development takes place at this age) to see situations in their lives with positive lenses and think out of the box for them.

Participants came out with different perceptions for every picture. The stories which they were telling for the pictures were reflection of their thoughts. From their responses it can be analysed that they were relating pictures with themselves.

For this picture one girl said, “The man in red shirt is crippled and is using the manual stairs because he is scared of being run-over by the crowd using the escalators.” Another girl said, “The man with crippled legs does not think any less about  him and is a strong human, who uses manual stairs because he is not dependent on anybody and is self-sufficient.” . This statement tells a lot about the state of mind of the girl, by saying so she was talking about her strengths and also indicating her positive personality.

One girl perceived this picture by saying this statement “The girl is feeling lonely and sitting on a stone then a bird comes and sits opposite to her. She starts sharing everything about her day to the bird, while the bird is wondering that ‘It understands what she is sharing but will she understand? How should it communicate?’
Every picture has many stories as it was based on interpretations. We know that every interpretation is individualistic as it may depend on the current situation or past experience of the person. For the single picture one can give a very positive lookout or a very negative one. The response of the person tells a lot about his/her personality. It is very good if a person has a positive attitude towards any situation but if the person is inclined towards pessimism then it becomes very important to channelize his/her thoughts towards optimism.