Events - Kadam Badhate Chalo - Transect Walk & Needs Assessment

Transect Walk & Needs Assessment

Date: 29/01/2021  To 29/01/2021

Venue: Gurugram

As a part of Need Assessment survey, a Transect Walk was held in the domestic workers' community in Harijan Colony, Gurugram. A valuable exercise in Participatory Research, a Transect Walk requires members of the community to walk through different areas and record specific observations. The objective of this Walk through the colony was threefold:

  1. To know the community in a better and holistic way.
  2. To map out the various services and resources available in the community.
  3. To get familiar with the people of the community by interacting with them.


Domestic workers who are also residents of the Harijan Basti led the transect walk because they are well-acquainted with the area. They mapped house structures, shops, lanes, major resources, and local influential people in the locality. 

Further to this, a Needs Assessment Survey has begun in Harijan Basti with informal migrant women workers. The Survey seeks primarily to understand the community's outlook to alternative job opportunities, skills they want to learn, and what they want from the Resource and Support Centre that the project seeks to establish. The survey attempts to answer questions about the lives of informal migrant women workers, challenges created during COVID-19 pandemic, safety concerns, job insecurities, access to health services, and their future aspirations. 

It is very inspiring to see domestic workers taking the lead in this Needs Assessment Survey. The women of the community are also responding positively to the idea of Resource and Support Centre.