Margaret Bell on house-proud Martha


I will always think of Martha as so strong, so wise, so compassionate, and with so much to share. In what other way would one want to be remembered?

You will be surprised to know I was thinking of her just on the weekend last, not having any idea that she was being laid to rest over those days. My thoughts were on my kitchen cupboards and I heard my brain saying “Martha where are you when I need you”. I was saying that in respect to fixing my cupboards. Do you remember staying in my place for a week or so when you came to Sydney with the family? When I came home I opened the cupboard for something and everything was laid out so beautifully. In perfect order and exactly where one would need to find things in a second. It was of course Martha who had arranged it so. When Tariqa stayed with us later I commented on this and she said, “Oh everything Mum does is beautiful”. I remembered that lovely remark and still think of it. I now feel blessed that I was thinking of her on the weekend.