Marion Quinn remembers Martha as mother


I have a different (sort of funny!) story about my own "connection" with Martha which I want to share with you.  As I only met her briefly, twice, it is different from the many memories I"m sure others who knew her well have shared.  Nonetheless I thought I"d share it.  Martha and the kids came to dinner at Kevin"s place one night when the family was in Wellington.  I remember you [Rajesh] teasing Martha or you and her joking about how many hours she spent doing Tariqa"s homework - that sometimes Tariqa would be watching television and Martha would be slogging away on the homework!  I recall being amazed and saying - "Really??  Do you??  That"s what I do with Lisa (who was probably just a couple of years older) but I never tell any of the other parents at school because I think I must be the only one doing this and you"re probably not meant to". You smiled and shook your head at me and said, "All mothers do it"  - which was very reassuring!! 

Over the next 10 years as I continued to help with the (increasingly difficult!) homework (looking up references, getting books out of the library, printing out articles, correcting grammar, stressing about deadlines about to be missed), I"d sometimes stop and think "What on earth am I doing?  Have I got nothing better to do with my time?"  And then I"d remember our discussion that evening and think, "Well - Martha"s probably still doing Tariqa"s homework too!!" - and I"d be amused by this idea and feel better about the homework pressures!   A good "connection" between mothers half a world apart!