Martha's Works

Martha formally joined PRIA (Society for Participatory Research in Asia) in 1996, working alongside her husband and founder of PRIA, Dr. Rajesh Tandon.

Women in Local Governance

Martha led a study on Women’s Leadership in Local Governance in India. This presentation highlights the findings of the study and the wide gap between stated policies of the government and the reality on the ground.

Women's Leadership and Political Empowerment

At the international conference on Citizen Leadership and Democratic Accountability held in New Delhi in December 2011, Martha presented PRIA’s pioneering work in promoting the leadership of women in politics at the local level (panchayati raj institutions and urban local bodies).

Women's Political Leadership

Martha was invited to make this presentation to the CIVICUS World Assembly in September 2012. Even though there are more than a million women elected representatives in institutions of local governance in India, they face enormous constraints in being able to fulfil their roles. The learning programs which Martha conducted aimed at building self-confidence among women and shared knowledge and information to help them work in male-dominated work environments.

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