Events - Making Workplaces Safe - Ask The Experts - Panel Discussion on Sexual Harassment at Workplace

Ask The Experts - Panel Discussion on Sexual Harassment at Workplace

Date: 01/07/2020  To 01/07/2020

Venue: Zoom

MFF collaborated with to initiate a dialogue around mitigating sexual harassment at the workplace and on campus, especially under the current circumstances of remote work/education.

According to a survey by Local Circles, nearly 80% women who face sexual harassment at the workplace never report it. Another survey has indicated that 97% of organisations are not aware about the law and its implementation. To deliberate on the current implementation of the law on sexual harassment and discuss future strategies that different stakeholders can use to bring about a cultural shift towards making workplaces safe for women in the formal and informal sector, Ms. Sonia George, General Secretary of SEWA-Kerala; Dr. Bijayalaxmi Nanda, Principal, Miranda House and Ms. Renu Love, Chairperson, Child Welfare Committee (East Delhi) contributed to an extremely enriching and engaging discussion.

Ms. Geogre questioned the absence of any linkage between the POSH Act and Labour Laws, in a bid to highlight the limited capacity of the Local Committees, which are often unaware of the procerdural complexities of processing SHW complaints. Ms. Love took the conversation of filing complaints forward by discussing the procedure for filing a complaint virtually on Shebox. Dr. Nanda said that Internal Complaints Committees in HEIs should not merely be a complaints committee; it should also play the role of a gender sensitization committee and create safe spaces on campus for students. She also stressed on the import of restorative (rather than retributive) justice to bring about a meaninful shift in organisational cultures.

Nandita Pradhan Bhatt, Director, Martha Farrell Foundation, moderated the session which was attended by by participants from across the country including students, academics, lawyers and social workers. Read the complete event report here.