Events - Making Workplaces Safe - THE YOUTH ARE SPEAKING UP, ARE WE LISTENING?


Date: 14/06/2018

Venue: PRIA HO, New Delhi

With #MeToo becoming a global phenomenon, more and more women are speaking up about the violence and oppression one whole gender is subjected to. The most recent statistics from the National Crime Records Bureau show that crimes against women have increased 34% in the past four years. And then there are a huge percentage of women who do not file complaints and are excluded from this figure. This number also ignores the violence women face every day such as harassment and institutional discrimination.

The young generation is taking charge to restructure the society and create equality all over the world. They are not just the change makers but they are also the biggest stakeholders in the change itself. Recognising the power of young adults, Martha Farrell Foundation wants to support them in their journey by equipping them with awareness and the tools needed to build an equitable society.

This summer, Martha Farrell Foundation offered its first Summer Internship Programme with students of grades 9th-12th. It aims to create an empowered youth who can carry forward the values of gender equality and gender justice the Foundation stands for. This programme will assist the interns in understanding the nuances of gender issues, analyse different perspectives and worldviews, get a deeper view into the issues the Foundation works for and then conduct research and create campaigns on their own.

The Internship began with 3 days of intense workshops and discussions on themes of Gender, Patriarchy, Menstrual Health Management, Violence Against Girls and Women and Sexual Harassment at Workplace. The peer group discussions enabled the interns to look at their everyday interaction with a gender lens. At the end of these 3 days the interns have chosen themes ranging from checking how menstrual friendly their schools are to understanding how young boys and girls perceive consent and rejection. Over the next two weeks they will commence with their data collection and then build campaigns that we look forward to amplifying. Keep looking at this space to see what they are upto.