Adolescent girls (15-18 years) in India are experiencing huge transitions. Their aspirations for and imagination of a better future has grown exponentially. But they face cultural, social and institutional constraints in fulfilling their aspirations. Norms and practices based on entrenched patriarchy inhibit their economic participation, and restrict their mobility due to insecurity, sexual harassment and violence in public. Despite policies, legislation and institutions aimed at promoting gender equality, most school educational programmes remain gender blind, with adolescent boys and girls not learning and practising equal gender relations.

Go Girls Go is a pilot project in 4 government schools of Delhi, focusing upon girls, so that they can complete their education, join vocational education, and strengthen their agency to lead change. It will also influence boys and sensitise them to equal rights for women, and preventing violence against women and girls.

The project complies with the sustainable development goals 4 (which is to provide universal quality education) and sustainable development goal 5 (which is to create universal gender equality).