Capacitate ICs & LCs

We provide a nudge-based, robust complaint management system for your Internal Committees, Local Committees, and Redressal teams to manage multiple complaints across multiple teams. 

SHWW Act 2013 mandates all workplaces with more than 10 employees to constitute an Internal Complaints Committee (IC), which will be responsible for conducting a fair and a prompt inquiry in cases of sexual harassment at the workplace. We help workplaces to form their ICs as per the law and conduct interactive and intensive trainings with IC members about their roles and responsibilities. We also support organisations by framing a comprehensive anti-sexual harassment policy at the workplace, advising and guiding ICs on legal and practical aspects of dealing with the issue, providing informative guidebooks/manuals for IC members and employees, and becoming third party representation on the IC

The Act also covers informal sector workers and mandates the district officer to constitute a Local Complaints Committee (LC), which will provide redressal to any workplace with less than ten employees (including informal sector workers). We support LCs by training the members of the LC about their roles and responsibilities, helping the district officer to properly constitute the LC as per the law, facilitating interface between the LC and the informal sector workers, and sensitizing and collectivizing informal sector employees around the issue of SHWW.

Third Party Facilitation

The Act mandates the presence of a third part facilitator/external member on the IC, who is familiar with the issue of sexual harassment at the workplace and shall ensure an impartial inquiry of any matter related to SHWW. We train third party facilitators to gain comprehensive knowledge about the Act and practical skills to become a fair and an informed member of the IC.