Royal Roads University: An Organisation's Social Purpose

In February, MFF was invited to speak at Royal Roads University's Webinar on 'Building Global Resilience: The Role of Social Purpose Organisations'. Program Officer Nitya Sriram spoke about how the communities we work with and ourselves, where they held us up through the challenging period of the lockdown, and more. ...


Vaishali Jethava | Special Jury Awardee (Individual Category) | Martha Farrell Awards 2020

REDS | Best Organization for Gender Equality | Martha Farrell Award 2020

Mamta Singh | Most Promising Individual | Martha Farrell Awards 2020

#AisaKyun - Part 1 | Understanding Sex and Gender | Go Girls Go

Learning Documents

Sexual Harassment of Women Tea Garden Workers: Case Study
Authors: MFF
‘Understanding Sexual Harassment among the Nursing Staff: A Study Conducted in Eight Private Hospitals of Guwahati
Authors: MFF
Handbook for Local and Internal Complaints Committees
Authors: MFF
Reimagining the World of Work: A Manifesto by Domestic Workers
Authors: Domestic Workers' Network/Union and Organisations
Those Who Stayed: Pandemic Reports by Domestic Workers' Action Network
Authors: MFF
Together, Let's Counter Sexual Harassment at Workplace (Hindi Booklet)
Authors: MFF & PRIA
NO MORE BOUNDARIES: Baseline Livelihood Aspirations Study
Authors: MMF & PRIA
Gender, Work and Learning Gender Mainstreaming: Exploring Women's Potential in the Formal Workplace (Occasional Paper)
Authors: Martha Farrell
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