MFF-NAPSWI Scholarships

In collaboration with the National Association of Professional Social Workers in India (NAPSWI), the Foundation offers scholarships to support field research in the core areas of the Foundation's work. The theme of this year’s scholarship is Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace (PSHW). For successful candidates, the outcome of the field research will be published on the Martha Farrell Foundation and NAPSWI websites.


The purpose of this year's scholarship is to encourage research on issues that emerge due to implementation and/or lack of the recently enacted Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013. The focus is on the practices and policies implemented in the wake of this Act, and compliance mechanisms being implemented as mandated by the law across diverse workspaces.

Value of the Scholarships

Two scholarships, for an amount of Rs.25,000 each, payable in two installments, will support the students for 8-12 weeks in the fieldwork phase. The first installment will be released after the finalization of research proposal and plan for data collection. The second installment will be released after the submission of final research report. Scholarships will be awarded to one female and one male student. For those applicants from outside of Delhi, they will also cover the cost of stay in MFF for a week-long orientation prior to the commencement of the fieldwork.


The scholarship is awarded to two full time students of MA Social Work. Students are selected from across India by a three-member committee consisting of academics and practitioners in the field of social work and related subjects. Students must be Indian citizens with a good academic record. They must show demonstrated and/or expressed interest in the specific topic for this year's award namely prevention of sexual harassment at workplace. This research can be clubbed with block field placement, where applicable.


The scholarship is offered in collaboration with National Association of Professional Social Workers in India (NAPSWI). The research paper/report may get published on websites of Martha Farrell Foundation (MFF) and NAPSWI.


The successful candidates are felicitated at NAPSWI's annual Indian Social Work Congress. They are compulsorily required to spend a week in MFF before the start of their field work placement/research for an orientation. If they are unable to attend the week-long orientation programme, the Scholarship shall be then offered to the next best applicant.

Points for Application:

Please complete the application form before submission. All incomplete forms shall be rejected. 

All application forms must include a 1000 word research proposal, which should include the objectives, rationale, methodology, time plan and intended outcome of your proposed research on prevention of sexual harassment at workplace. Non-submission of research proposal will lead to the disqualification of the application form. 

provide an email address and a phone number in the application form, where the applicant can be easily reached. If an application is qualified for further consideration, Martha Farrell Foundation will attempt to reach the applicant once, via phone and email. If the applicant fails to respond within three days of receiving the email, phone call and text message, his/her application will be automatically disqualified for further consideration.  

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